July 2020 TBR


I feel like it has taken an ungodly amount of time, but I finally have defeated my reading slump, and I think I actually *gasp* rediscovered my love for reading. Like, throughout my day I am craving to read, at least on my ereader, and that is a feeling that I was really lacking for most of 2019 (and… obviously many months of 2020, too)! I still didn’t want to go too ambitious on a TBR, but it just feels so good to be excited again! So, here are the eight things that I truly can’t wait to pick up in July! ☀️

Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan 🇨🇳
📚 ARC: July 14th 2020 by Doubleday
Buddy read with Isabella 💕

Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett
📚 ARC: November 10th 2020 by Simon Pulse
Buddy read with Isabella 💕

You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson 🌈🎧
The July Book Club Pick for Dragons and Tea 🐉☕

The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel 🎧
Buddy read with Maëlys 💕

Across the Green Grass Fields (Wayward Children #6) by Seanan McGuire 🌈
📚 ARC: January 12th 2021 by Tor.com
Buddy read with Maëlys 💕

Where Dreams Descend (Kingdom of Cards #1) by Janella Angeles 🇵🇭
📚 ARC: August 25th 2020 by Wednesday Books
Buddy read with Maëlys 💕

The Library of the Unwritten (Hell’s Library #1) by A.J. Hackwith 🌈🎧
Buddy read with Maëlys 💕

Loveless by Alice Oseman 🌈
July 9th 2020 by HarperCollins

Okay! There is my TBR for the month of July! Have you read any of these? Are you excited for me to read any of these? I’d still love to finish A Deadly Education (Scholomance, #1) because I feel like I have been at 50% for over a month now! I’m really enjoying it, I just think… I read it at a bad time in my life and now I never want to pick it back up? Whew! Maybe in July! I also would really love to read Catching Fire & Fire with Lea if we can make it work! I hope you all have the happiest of days and reading this July and always! 💗

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30 thoughts on “July 2020 TBR

    1. you and elise have impacted me and lea… far too much with your reread.. hahaha! but we love it here! maybe… we… should… read… where dreams descend TOGETHER? whew whew. i love you, bby. 💗xx

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  1. This all sound amazing! I’m so glad you’re back on the blogsphere, we’ve missed you, but I understand taking a break when life feels like too much.

    I hope you enjoy all of your books and I’m looking forward to hearing about your thoughts on them 💜💜

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  2. These July picks sound amazing! I’ve always wanted to read something by Jenn Bennett, and Chasing Lucky sounds so so cute. Hope you love all these books and have a great reading month!! 🥰

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    1. awh, thank you, love! i really really really adore starry eyes by her! but this will be the 2nd thing i’ve read… so i’ll let you know! I hope you have the happiest reading month, love! 💗xx

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  3. This is an amazing TBR! I read You Should See Me In A Crown earlier this month and loved it, Where Dreams Descend is also on my TBR for this month and I’m looking foward to read Loveless as well! I hope you can read them all💜

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  4. I hope you have a great reading month!
    I really want to read where dreams descend and the library of the unwritten as well!



  5. It’s honestly one of the best feelings ever when you start coming out of a reading slump! Yay ♥ I hope you’re able to pick up all of these and love them. Across the Green Grass Fields keeps tugging at me so I’m thinking I might have to pick that up this month, too. 😍

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    1. me to you every day on a different platform: but when are WE buddy reading something? hahahah! i love you, and truly such happy and healing feels lately. i hope you are doing well, beautiful. you have my heart always. 💕xx


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