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How I'm Using Notion to Track my Life in 2020 
As I am sure most of you have noticed, Notion has completely taken the book community by storm, and I was so very impacted too! I have always loved being organized to the point where I have made lists of different lists! But I feel like I have never found an online organizational system that was all encompassing until I found Notion! (All credit to my favorite banshee May!) 

You can do close to anything with Notion, and I mean anything! I truly do not have words for how much it has helped me visualize all the book content I’m producing, but it also has helped me see the areas that I can do better with, while also helping me organize the tasks I still need to complete! (I am very much not a rep or being sponsored by Notion, I just truly have fallen so in love with their services!) But because a lot of people on bookstagram expressed interest (and asked a lot of questions) when I showed my Notion journey, I figured I would write up a blog post completely devoted to my bookish Notion, and showing you everything I’ve created so far! 

♡ As for question I get asked a lot…
Yes, it is completely free! There are accounts that you can pay for, but everything you’re about to see that I’ve done is 100% free!  
You can create and edit on any desktop regular window, but I do prefer playing around in the app that I downloaded for PC 
If you make a group Notion (like for my book club) you need to have an shared email / google account for everyone to use! 
You can customize so many different templates created by the community and make them your own and for your own needs and wants! (I will link some of mine and some of my favorites down below!) 
There are so many different views and ways to look at your tasks and information, and it can feel a little overwhelming! But again, the more you use the website, the more comfortable and confident you’ll get with swapping between them to visualize things differently! 
I do prefer dark mode and full pages! (I keep swapping fonts though!)
You can use gifs for headers and icons! (All my headers move!) 
My biggest tip is to get all your information plugged into your pages and then try to make them more aesthetic! 
You can click on the 6 dots and move the blocks around to make columns (this truly took me 24 hours to understand I’m still embarrassed!) 
Yes, I am still going to keep using my Google Doc Spreadsheet for organizing all of my books, and reading, and end of the year charts! 
Using Notion has helped me be comfortable with the new WordPress editors block functions so very much and I recommend it for that alone! 

I am in no way a pro at using this app yet! But using it this last month has truly changed how I am organizing my life with work, books, and even book clubs! I am still learning so much, but I just wanted to share my progress (and love) so far! And I think it would be kind of cool if I did another one of these posts in a year, or half a year, to see how much has changed! But without further ado, please enjoy the fruits of my end of 2020 digital organization! 

♡ My Notion Pages ♡

My Homepage — with all the links and tasks I currently *need* !!
My Content Calendar is my Favorite, truly! Template Below!
My Readings Page (very much a prep for 2021 and incoming ARCs)
Rowena’s GTD (get things done) Template that I crafted for my needs
Rowena’s Weekly Agenda (I love her “3 things a day” method)
Dragons & Tea Book Club Homepage

♡ Template Links ♡

Made by Me: 
Bookish Content Calendar Template
Monthly ARC Reading Template

Templates I Use: 
Rowena Tsai GTD
Rowena Tsai Weekly Agenda

Made by Maëlys:
Books Homepage

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I hope you found it helpful, especially if you are just starting out with Notion! My biggest tip is truly to just play around, and you will learn so much and get so much more comfortable, while also learning the things that work for you and your organization needs! Also, these templates would have helped me so much while starting out, truly! So I hope you are able to get good use out of them for your bookish (and life) needs! Also, please share with me your Notion pages, I would love to see them so very much! Happy reading and task list completely, loves! 

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26 thoughts on “My Bookish Notion & Templates

  1. ADORED this, Melanie! I have a really complicated setup (which I may or may not post as a template at some point) but I will definitely be adding your arc setup into my reading page, which has been more in flux!! Honestly, Notion is just… the dream for my productivity-craving ass.

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    1. PLEASE SEND ME THE TEMPLATE! also im having a giggle bc my brother was like “no, everyone at uofm uses notion, melanie” and im like “OH” hahah i scream! but i wanna see all your pages anytime youre free! and i love you, elle, so much. 💗

      Liked by 1 person

    1. it feels SO overwhelming for a while, but i promise… you just gotta keep playing and it will click! hehehe! you are so sweet, bby. i hope you’re having happy days and using lots of self care! always so proud of you! 💗


  2. I’ve recently discovered Notion through bookish blogs and I downloaded the app today. Wow, it’s really overwhelming at first, but as a planner enthusiastic I love it! Thanks for the templates! I adore how thorough your Notion looks like. 😍

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