September Book Haul | 2020

I feel like September was the first month since quarantine that I’m actually able to do a monthly book haul! (Obv, I did for my birthday as well, but that was a bit of a special and blessed occasion!) I feel so honored and so thankful to be able to write up this post, and I can’t wait to share these titles with you, because some of them I’ve already read and loved, and some of them I am so very excited for! 

Purchased Books ♡

Books Sent by Publishers ♡

eARCS from Publishers ♡

What was your favorite book that you hauled in September (or even so far in October)? Is there anything on this list that I haven’t read yet that you want me to prioritize? Please let me know! And thank you so much for reading! Sending you lots of love and all the stories that make you feel seen! 💕

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18 thoughts on “September Book Haul | 2020

  1. Ooh I’ve got the Lost book of the white on reserve from the library at the moment and am looking forward to getting into it. I don’t feel like I’ve hauled many recently, but then I also haven’t really thought about my ARC shelf so probably need to look at that in a new light. Great combination of books here!

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  2. How on earth do you get so many fantastic books sent to you? I’m a little jealous 😂 I’m doing lots of buddy reads for Fright Night from the Procrastinators Book Club on GR, so I’ve got a lot of shpooky books in my monthly TBR.

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