12 in 12 Challenge | 2022

i truly do not want to jinx anything, but i feel like i might be back in my reading era. right now i am reading, consuming, and loving a lot of books and stories – so i decided to push myself a little bit, but with a content creating overlapping twist.

so, i have done “read 12 books recommended by 12 friends” in the past and i have really loved doing it. but i saw this insta template go a little viral with my friends, and i thought it would be a perfect opportunity to push myself a little and join along in the fun!

but instead of asking my friends on booksta and goodreads, i polled my friends in the kpop community! lmaoooo listen, i was a little scared at first, but they gave such good and thoughtful recommendations by so many queer authors of color! i was thriving while picking these 12 books! and another little added challenge i did was that i only picked friends who ulted a certain kpop idol once – therefore only one book recommendation from one jimin biased friend! and truly, i got such good range with that too and it makes my heart full and warm!

okay let’s get into the books and the kpop friends who picked them… and who they bias in kpop!

12 recommendations | 12 friends + 12 months

Once Upon a Broken Heart
★ genre: ya fantasy
★ recommended by: ann
★ kpop ult bias: loona chu
The Love Hypothesis
★ genre: adult contemporary romance
★ recommended by: mis
★ kpop ult bias: svt woozi
★ Lonely Castle in the Mirror
★ genre: ya asian magical realism
★ recommended by: tai
★ kpop ult bias: txt yeonjun
The Black Flamingo
★ genre: ya queer black contemporary
★ recommended by: edith
★ kpop ult bias: oh my girl hyojung
Felix Ever After
★ genre: ya queer black contemporary
★ recommended by: gabriel
★ kpop ult bias: txt taehyun
The Last Sun
★ genre: adult queer urban fantasy
★ recommended by: emily
★ kpop ult bias: 2pm junho
The Flowers of War
★ genre: asian historical fiction
★ recommended by: sophie
★ kpop ult bias: enhypen jake
A Closed and Common Orbit
★ genre: adult queer scifi
★ recommended by: arryn
★ kpop ult bias: svt wonwoo + mingyu
Summer Bird Blue
★ genre: ya queer contemporary
★ recommended by: evie
★ kpop ult bias: loona yves
Under the Whispering Door
★ genre: adult queer paranormal fantasy
★ recommended by: bethany
★ kpop ult bias: bts jin
Tian Guan Ci Fu, Vol. 1
★ genre: queer asian fantasy
★ recommended by: maëlys
★ kpop ult bias: bts namjoon
On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous
★ genre: adult queer asian poetry
★ recommended by: Betty Jo
★ kpop ult bias: bts jimin

(credit and shoutout to destiny for formatting her 2022 challenge post so cute!)

whew! a powerful little list, aye? i hope you all enjoyed this! i am truly so excited to start reading these! please let me know if you are doing this challenge too – and if you made a blog post please oh please link me it! i am sending you all so much love always, and happy reading! ♡

9 thoughts on “12 in 12 Challenge | 2022

  1. yay on reentering the reading era!!! i’m right along with you. I decided to start this challenge but I already know i’m going to fail it because I haven’t even asked for recommendations yet


  2. okay 1) possibly the best part of returning to blogging is returning to reading your posts and 2) such good reads here!


  3. So so excited to see you participating and I love the challenge you added to the theme 🥰 I hope you love all of these and that 2022 is so good to you, love! (Also, the only one I’ve read from this list is Summer Bird Blue, but it is one of my favorite YA books of ALL TIME and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!)


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