Favorite Non-Book Things | 2022

hi hi, friends! i hope you’re doing well! i normally like to do this post on the last day of the year, but i was having a very busy (but happy) end of 2022! but i still hope you enjoy all the new-ish things i enjoyed last year! and please let me know if you have some new loves for anything in 2022, because i am always looking to add new forever faves to my upcoming year! and also… i just will always love hearing what my friends love, muhahaha! 💗

➽ 01.) Dimension 20

if youre a long time friend of mine, you will know that i am in love with critical role and its a highlight to 3 or out 4 of my weeks, each month! but this summer. some of the players of d20 played, while brennan lee mulligan dmed, a one shot (it was a four episode prequel but hehe) and i fell in love with them all. and then brennan very unexpectedly ended up doing the dear hank and john podcast with hank and i fell even more in love with him! so then i just fell down the rabbit hole and watched SO many different campaigns! if you like critical role and/or dnd, i really recommend. their current, and ongoing, campaign is actually a horror fairytale mash up called Neverafter and I am already completely invested.

➽ 02.) Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray

all setting sprays are not created equally, and i learned that in 2022 when i first purchased the charlotte tilbury setting spray, hahaha! truly, i am obsessed with the flawless filter foundation too, just like the rest of tiktok. i did end up getting my hands on (hopefully) my shade of the elf dupe because my target finally had it in! but i haven’t tried it yet! but this setting spray doesn’t have a dupe, and it is worth every penny!!

➽ 03.) Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

listen, if i could take a bath in all of the cosrx snail mucin products, i would! i love their sheet masks, eye masks, moisturizer, everything. But the essence is the holy grail of glass skin, in my opinion. i still love the watermelon dew drops, and they will always have a hold on me for makeup prep, but if you just want your skin to look healthy and glowy without anything on? you have to try this essence. and the hydration? unmatched. i cant picture my skincare without this product ever again.

➽ 04.) DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

okay, i know i am very dramatic with this one – but this christmas gift changed my life! i got this from santa in 2021 – for all the group orders i was planning to do in 2022 – and i truly cant even begin to think about what that would have been like without this thermal printer. the time, the effort, the google doc syncing capability… i am in love, friends. it’s niche, but if you print a lot of labels – invest in this, i promise it is so worth it.

➽ 05.) nike panda dunks

i know this is probably one of the most basic things i could put on here, but i did not expect all the compliments i would get while wearing these shoes throughout this year. i know they are very much a favorite, and they are kinda hard to get because you have to wait for a nike drop – which they always sell out within seconds! but i was lucky enough to get these on the very first drop that i tried for them, and they have been nothing but confidence boosters since! also… yoongi from bts wear these so… need i say more?

➽ 06.) MAKEUP BY MARIO MoistureGlow Plumping Lip Serum

mario really is (and has been) releasing some of the best make up products. (i really want to try his foundation so badly! maybe a 2023 fave, we will see!) but this lip product was my go-to lip product (alongside the next one), The shade blush glow is my favorite but they are all 11/10 and feel so nice on.

➽ 07.) Kosas Wet Lip Oil Plumping Treatment Gloss

my other holy grail lip product and the very best lip gloss ever created. i have only ever used jelly fish – but i think i am on my 3rd one of the year! also i just love and prefer glossy lips – i am sorry, haha! but having to leave the house in 2023, these are the two products that were under my mask constantly. i love and recommend them both (and the feel of them) so very much. so hydrating, so plumping, and never ever sticky feeling.

➽ 08.) josshere

this was, hands down, my favorite art and stationary shop this year (besides happyolivestudio)! i was blessed enough to write out SO many cards this year for all those group orders, and i always tried to use memo pads and washi tape and other cute supplies from joss! if youre a carat and looking for cute supplies, look no further! especially if youre hoshi biased!

➽ 09.) going to concerts again

i was so very lucky to be able to see my three favorite groups this year. i got to see bts in my very own city THREE times and it was so surreal and truly the 2nd happiest thing to happen to me all 2022 (seeing my family in august was the 1st hehe, but jimin makes it hard… ahhaha no no)! i was then able to see txt on their very first world tour, which meant everything to me! and then i was able to see seventeen with a barricade ticket – which was still a whole out of body experience. (i have lots of really cool fancams and concert footage if you wanna see!) but i am so thankful, so blessed, and truly i dont even have words. but being able to see bts, in vegas, 3 times, before a lot of… feelings @ the end of 2022… i am just so grateful and it is something i will cherish until my very last breath.

➽ 10.) jtotheimin

to be honest, i had jtotheimin on my last year non bookish favorites list too, but as i am writing this post i just hit 10k subscribers and it just felt really right to keep this big part of my heart on this list. i am so grateful and thankful for the kpop community and i hope in 2023 i am able to balance both creative outlets a little better, or a little more… balanced. but so so so thankful, and even more thankful for all the friends i have made.

i hope you enjoyed this + i really am excited to discover so many more things to love in this new year – bookish, and kpopish, and so much more! i love you all a lot + i hope your new years are starting out warm and happy and filled with some new things to love. 💗

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5 thoughts on “Favorite Non-Book Things | 2022

  1. i love the yearly meltotheany skincare/makeup product reviewer transformation 🥰 joss’s art is truly so cute, i am so happy you got to attend wonderful concerts, and i will be looking into these products asap! proud of you always ❤


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