march reading wrap up | 2023

oh hello, friends! it is time for the ten books i read in march (funny how i’ve read ten things each month, right? subconsciously making it easy on myself to make some graphics hehe!) so the next blog post will be all about my actual reading statistics for these last three months and i can’t wait! 

basically, i am posting my january, february, and march wrap ups – and then i will be doing my first quarter of 2023 statistics! i am still slowly getting back into reviews + blogging, but my hunger for reading is still very much here – and i am so very happy about it! but maybe for this year, i will focus more on doing quarterly things like this while trying to get back into the swing of more things bookish content! i hope you enjoy + thank you always for spending some of your time with me. 🤍

Legendborn (Legendborn, #1) by Tracy Deonn
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“They are past-tensing my heart—my whole beating, bleeding, torn heart—right in front of me.”

I really enjoyed this one so much, much like most of my friends on goodreads. I also adore an arthurian legend reimagining, and this one is for sure my new favorite – so smartly done and so galaxy brain, truly. The grief depiction in this is going to mean a lot to so many, and it was also very empathetically and powerfully done, in my opinion. I really love Bree, and she really captured my heart in this book.

trigger + content warnings: loss of a loved one/parent, hospital settings, talk of car accidents, grief, anxiety, harry potter character mention, racism, a lot of microaggression, talk of police brutality, blood depictions, harm to get blood, death, gore, violence, vomiting, animal death (boar), talk of rape in the past, child abuse in the past, slavery, generational trauma, panic attacks, ptsd, torture, magical compulsion, child birth

Even Though I Knew the End by C.L. Polk
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“I would do anything for you, and I did.”

This is a gorgeous and heartfelt story, set in historical chicago, where we follow a warlock detective trying to capture a serial killer. This book also just had a lot of things that really worked for me, as a reader. It focuses on a sapphic romance throughout, we get to see the main character’s unconditional love for her little brother constantly, and we get to try to solve a mystery with the ritual killer’s name being white city vampire but it involving angels and demons. All really cool and beloved things in my heart and personal taste buzzword wheelhouse! But this is also a book about sacrifice and love and hope and how those three things can take so many different shapes, yet sometimes they look the very same. I highly recommend this one and pray it will be the first book in a series.

trigger + content warnings: a lot of mentions of homophobia, mention of conversion therapy, institutionalization, talk of loss of a loved one, mention of a car accident involving death, abduction, murder, gore, ritual killings, human sacrifice, a lot of blood depictions, self harm for blood for magic, possession, misogyny, brief mention of throwing up, gun violence involving cops, a lot of smoking + alcohol consumption.

Once Upon a Broken Heart (Once Upon a Broken Heart, #1) by Stephanie Garber

“I believe there are far more possibilities than happily ever after or tragedy. Every story has the potential for infinite endings.”

I didn’t know how i’d feel about this one, because even though i loved jacks in the caraval series, he didn’t wrap up that trilogy on the best note for me. But I think i just really like stephanie garber’s writing, and she crafts a type of fairytale whimsy feeling that i just really vibe with as a reader. Yes, give me all the descriptions of clothes and food and gardens and magical doors, i want it all. And then throw in a magical prophecy, some twists and turns with deadly kisses, and some mysterious princes, and i am going to flip those pages with lightning speed. I had so much fun with this, truly. And dare i say, i even liked evangeline more than scarlett and donatella, pink hair and all. 

trigger + content warnings: blood depictions, self harm to get blood for magic, loss of loved ones (parents), death, violence, a little gore, a lot of magical compulsion, + a mean step parent / parental verbal abuse.

The Ballad of Never After (Once Upon a Broken Heart, #2) by Stephanie Garber

“In the morning, you can forget it. You can go back to pretending you don’t like me, and I can pretend that I don’t care. But for tonight, let me pretend you’re mine.”

The inn setting/scene in this book deserves six stars. This is just such a fun series, that is filled with so much angst, and it truly feels impossible for me to stop turning the pages once i get sucked into stephanie garber’s worlds. I enjoyed this one even more than the first, and i will be begging flatiron for an arc of book three come this autumn – because that end? Sick and twisted in the best way imaginable.

trigger + content warnings: self harm for blood/magic, blood depictions, violence, death, murder, captivity, extreme nightmares, spider mentions

The Mythic Dream edited by Dominik Parisien + Navah Wolfe

“I don’t bite holes in the world because I dislike the world, I bite holes in it because I have these teeth.”

this is an anthology that so many of my friends were absolutely loving, but sadly i just did not feel the same upon finishing. but there were some really amazing stories among the mostly mediocre (god, i sound so mean, but it really is true). He Fell Howling by Stephen Graham Jones + Bridge of Crows by Neon Yang were my two favorites! ¡Cuidado! ¡Que Viene el Coco! by Carlos Hernandez + Live Stream by Alyssa Wong were also five stars and amazing for me! 

That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon (Mead Mishaps, #1) by Kimberly Lemming

“Maybe I wasn’t traveling with a straight villain. Perhaps he was just villain-adjacent. I could work with that.”

this is such a delightful cozy fantasy, but it also does have some higher stakes at play, while also talking about some, and having some, heavier themes and topics. (please look at some content warnings down below!) but i really enjoyed this one, especially the first half and set up. this also is a four part quest storyline, and you all know how much i love watching characters travel to their adventures! i was so impressed with this, and i promise it is a very high three star, but i just didn’t love how… intense.. the love interest was towards the last half of this book. but i very much do not think that will be an issue for many readers, especially romance readers! plus cinnamon is just the absolutely best main character, and she is so effortlessly funny! i am so excited to continue on in this world!

author’s cw/tw: light bdsm, dubcon, violence, sexually explicit content

other cw/tw that i wrote down while reading: drinking, loss of a loved one in past, grief depiction, threat of sexual violence, violence, abuse, slavery, blood, torture, vomit, animal death (alligator haha), mention of kidnapping, fatphobic comments that are in a negative light + immediately challenged/shut down

That Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted a Love Potion at a Werewolf (Mead Mishaps, #2) by Kimberly Lemming

“The stoic barmaid and flirtatious orc. I’d read that romance novel any day.”

okay, i just love this world a whole lot. this book was even better for me, because we mostly got to stay in this little village that has completely stolen my heart. this second installment follows cin’s best friend, brie, who is also a big lover of paranormal romance, get to live her best romantic main character life. but much like the first book, these also deal with some heavy themes. but there is also so much light, happiness, and laughter within these pages. oh and a lot of steam (view spoiler)!

i extra think this one would be perfect for the autumn season. and… i just cannot wait for more books in this series, but i truly never want to leave this world!

iauthor’s cw/tw: light bdsm, dubcon, violence, sexually explicit content

other cw/tw that i wrote down while reading: drinking, harassment, attempted drugging, mention of vomit, kidnapping, human trafficking, threat of heart attack/fear of heart attack, talk of abandonment in past, self harm to get blood for magic, cults, mention of plague + sickness, insufferable incels lol

A Little Hatred (The Age of Madness, #1) by Joe Abercrombie

“Why folk insisted on singing about great warriors all the time, Rikke couldn’t have said. Why not sing about really good fishermen, or bakers, or roofers, or some other folk who actually left the world a better place, rather than heaping up corpses and setting fire to things?”

i will forever be a character driven reader, and oh my god did joe abercrombie make me fall in love with every character he created in this book – from heroes, to villains, to… mostly all the characters are that grey area in-between. i really loved this set up, and the ending left me requesting book two from my library upon reading the last page. also, i know this will make a few of you sad at me – but this is my first abercrombie (i know, i know)! i will most likely go back and read the previous series connecting to this world’s past, but i just wanted to finally read a abercrombie and i thought picking up his most recent work was the safest bet. but this book has so many moments where you just know it would be more impactful if you knew this person (or this person’s parents)! so i do also completely acknowledge that if i were familiar with all his work, i probably would have given this five stars! but also – if you pick it up on its own, and are a lover of character driven, multiple povs, adult fantasy – i think you will also really enjoy this one!

trigger + content warnings: war, uprisings, battles, violence, gore, blood, murder, death, loss of loved one, death of child, child labor, talk of child abuse, labor camps, animal death, ptsd depiction, a lot of drug use (cocaine like), threat of rape, threat of torture, torture, suicide, captivity, abduction, colorism, racism, homophobia, fatphobic comments, ableist language, dubious consent a little bit imo, incest, seizures, menstruation, vomiting, mention of cannibalism.

She Is a Haunting by Trang Thanh Tran

“I’m lost for words over the million little ways we can hurt for family we hardly know.”

I really did love so much about this book, story, the characters. An eldest daughter, seeing all the sacrifices that her family who immigrated to the us are still making for her, while she feels not enough in all the different ways. Seeing colonization seep into everything, from generation after generation, and being unable to look away once you have opened your eyes to it. Feeling different enough in both words already, and being queer on top of it all. This is a very powerful read, with themes that really meant a lot to me. I loved the writing too. I just didn’t love this story, even if i still recommend completely because of the themes. And i will for sure pick up everything else this author does in the future.

author’s cw/tw: internalized biphobia, body horror, bugs, systemic/interpersonal racism, colonialism, death of a parent, blood, bones, depiction of a hanging, murder, mention of domestic abuse. (Food is a significant, thematic thread throughout She Is a Haunting. While the book doesn’t discuss eating disorders, some of the conversations and depiction of food may be difficult for some readers.)

Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 1 by Mizuho Kusanagi

“The years we spent together… The princess who adored you… You destroyed them all.”

You all have wanted me to read this for so long, and i am so thankful i finally picked it up. I mean, you all had me at bodyguard romance regardless, but i was always apprehensive because my brother told me she had a crush on her cousin >.< !! But i promise, that gets “fixed” very quickly in this first installment, but i fear i cant say anything else without giving too much away! but not knowing anything else really had me turning these pages so quickly I cannot wait to get my hands on vol two soon soon soon.

trigger + content warnings: loss of a loved one, loss of a parent, murder, death, violence, unwanted touching, grief depiction, snakes + leeches

whewwww! okay, friends! three months, and thirty books worth of reading and minis reviews, complete! i hope you enjoyed, truly. it was a lot of fun making these, and maybe i will be a little quicker doing them in the coming months! again, i am really trying to not put any pressure on myself with bookish content, but my heart truly overflows that i am having such a good time consistently reading every day again! i am sending you all so much love and i hope reading (and life) has been extra kind to you lately, too!

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  1. I’m glad to hear you’ve been having a good time with your reading lately! I had a terrible blogging/reading/life slump this first quarter and just not much energy and am also just slowly coming back from that and it’s wonderful to have the energy to create and read again haha. I’m super excited to read She Is a Haunting, I’ve slowly been dabbling in horror more and more lately!

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    1. the urge to read and blogging… it always comes back hehe! and we deserve good breaks too, you know? 🤍 and i feel the same about horror this year – i am so surprised at myself hahah! but i hope youre doing well and i miss you and happy reading, friend 🤍🤍


  2. such a joy to get to read all your mini reviews and just always get to hear about your reads ❤ i desperately need that third Stephanie Garber book to come out so you can tell me all about it eheheh

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