Review Policy

I’m always open to being contacted about books and reviews, and even though I cannot promise to accept everything, please do not hesitate to contact me:

With physical books and ARCS I try my hardest to photograph them to help promote them on at least one of my social media outlets in addition to the reviews I’m putting out on my blog and Goodreads. I make no promises, but I do try, and if I loved your book it is almost a guarantee.

My reviews will always be my honest opinion and my own. I care about the trust and relationship with my readers too much to ever compromise it. No amount of money or free books will ever change that. However, if I do not enjoy your book, or if I find the content problematic, my review will be critical and constructive.

I’m Currently Accepting:
➽Review Requests
➽Blog Tours

I Review Everything, but Mostly:
➽Science Fiction

My Rating System:
5 Stars: I absolutely loved it!
It was, or was close to, perfection in my eyes.
4 Stars: I really liked it!
Most likely, only one or two things kept it from me loving it.
3 Stars: I liked it!
The bad and the good balanced each other out to make a good read that I enjoyed.
2 Stars: It was okay!
Yet, I disliked more things than I liked.
1 Star: I did not like it!
I was very bored while reading, and it was most likely problematic and/or offensive.