2018 Reading Goals

Hey, lovelies! I just wanted to make a real quick little post that hits on some of my 2018 reading goals! I don’t like to put too many restrictions on myself or my reading, because I always want this to feel like a fun hobby and not a strict job, because sometimes when I put too much pressure on myself (especially with ARCs) it just makes reading not as much fun. Yet, I couldn’t start a brand new year without talking about some of the things I want to accomplish in my reading life on my book blog! Again, theses aren’t that strict, but they are things that are important to me and that I hope to succeed with!

➽ Read 100 Books! 💗
I’ve done this with somewhat ease for the last few years, but I still want this to be the number one bookish goal I set for myself. I feel like 100 books for me is perfect with the amount of time life gives me to read, and it also gives me a big enough pool to choose lots of favorites from, from a lot of different genres and subgenres! 100 books is definitely my sweet spot that I love hitting each year!

Read a Graphic Novel each month! 💗
This goal is mostly because I buy so many damn graphic novels and I just let them sit on my shelf. I have way more than twelve unread volumes, so I’m hoping to be able to pick anything I really want and will enjoy in any moment.

Read a Manga or Light Novel each month! 💗
This goal is for the same reason as wanting to read a graphic novel each month; I buy so much manga and I just don’t read it. Sometimes I’ll binge a series, but that still doesn’t make up for the amount of unread manga on my shelves. Hopefully I can read at least 12 this year!

Be Better with Audio Books! 💗
Okay, this is going to probably be the toughest one for me. I used to always listen to audio books at the gym, and I haven’t been going to the gym lately. So maybe this is like a two-part goal, where it will motivate me to go to the gym more, too. But basically, I just feel like I could easily squeeze at least one more book into my monthly wrap ups if I was consuming it on audio during downtime I have. Hopefully I can just train or condition myself to listen more, especially when playing video games.

Read ONE Classic! 💗
You all, don’t make fun of me. This was actually a goal of mine in 2017, and guess what? I didn’t do it. I have so many friends that read and love classics, but they very rarely ever work for me or make me feel any connection. I honestly hope to read more than one this year, but again, I’m putting the least amount of pressure on me as possible! But seriously, I hope I can actually accomplish it this year.

Read More Things I Want! 💗
Now this kind of goes with the pressure I was talking about above, but sometimes I just get so wrapped up in ARCs, new releases, and buddy reads, that I just let older things I really want to read fall by the wayside. Especially with SFF being my favorite, there is so much of an older backlog that I’d love to be able to accomplish more, without worrying about what I feel like I *have* to read.

Read More Diversely with a Heavy Emphasis on Own Voices! 💗
This is something very important to me, and I’ll always continue to put on every goal list I make each and every year. I can always do better, and I can always do more to boost more marginalized voices. I feel like I get better at this every year, but it is something I always want to be striving to do more of.

And I think that’s everything! I wish you all the best of luck with your 2018 personal and reading goals. I still can’t believe we are almost in 2018, but I hope this year is amazing for each and every one of us. Happy reading, loves!

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