2019 Reading Goals

Hey, loves! Okay, I know we are a few days into 2019, but I figured I should write up a little post about my reading and reviewing goals for the year! Mostly, I just want to read good books and boost all the marginalized voices I can, while getting the books that people want, and the books that will make people feel seen, into the right hands and hearts. But here are a few more tangible goals that I have made for myself for the new year. Some of these might surprise you a little, but these are truly the things I want to accomplish most for this year in my reading and reviewing life.

➽ 1.) Cutting Back on Posts
What a title, right? So, for the last six months I have posted something every single day, sometimes twice a day, and friends, I’m just a bit tired! On top of maybe doing Booktube in 2019, I just want to post around five times a week, which I think is still pretty good! And I really think it will take a lot of anxiety and pressure off of my life, not feeling like I have to create something for every single day of 2019!

➽ Requesting Less ARCs
This is the most wild reviewing goals post you’ve read, true? Haha! I feel like I’m very good at reading and reviewing everything I request and receive before release, but this December I was really overwhelmed with how many January ARCs I had accumulated! And it wasn’t fun! Also, probably the biggest highlight of my entire 2018 reading year was reading all of Cassie Clare’s backlist and falling in love with everything Shadowhunters! So, I’d love to be able to focus more on those backlists titles that I’ve been putting off because I always have such a strict ARC reading and reviewing schedule.

➽ Read 12 Graphic Works
Last year, my goal was to read 12 graphic novels (which I did) AND 12 manga or light novels (which I failed at horribly)! So to keep with the spirit of taking pressure off myself, I’m going to merge this goal into reading 12 graphic works, but I do hope to read more than 12!

➽ Read 6 Classics
My goal in 2018 was to only read one classic, because I had neglected them for so long each and every year since college! But most of you know that this year I’m doing #CatchUpOnClassics with my dear friend Dani! And this year we are going to shoot for six books and we are inviting the entire book community to readalong with us! And we already have all the dates and all the breakdowns! Heck, we also have watchalongs scheduled for film adaptations afterwards! And I’m so excited, friends!

➽ Start a Book Club
Okay, I know that this goals post is going up right during the first Dragons and Tea buddy read, but I am just so honored to finally start a book club with my dear friend Amy this year! But I hope we continue to have an amazing year, buddy reading all the things with so many of you, and boosting marginalized voices each and every month!

➽ Read 100 Books
This is always the goal, even though I always start myself at 52 (one for each week of the year) so I don’t feel too overwhelmed. 2018 was the very first year that I was able to hit 200 books, but I predict that I won’t be able to do that this year with traveling and work. But 100 is always the goal of my heart, and a goal that I feel so blessed and honored and proud to hit every year!

Do you have any reading goals this year? I’d love to hear them so very much! And I hope you’re all having a wonderful new year and I hope that 2019 gives you all the blessing, because you all deserve the entire galaxy and all the stars within in! Happy reading!

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