A Crown of Wishes (The Star-Touched Queen #2) by Roshani Chokshi

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1.) The Star-Touched Queen ★★★★

“A story had no ownership. A story could break its bones, grow wings, soar out of reach and dive out of sight in the time it took just to draw breath. It meant we weren’t walking a cut path. We carved it into existence with every step.”

This was utterly enchanting and completely mesmerizing. I loved The Star-Touched Queen when I read it last year, and this story was even better! Yet, this story also made me fall deeper in love with The Star-Touched Queen, because some of the crossovers just warmed my heart to no end. This was such a beautiful tale, and I completely recommend this to everyone, but especially story lovers, because A Crown of Wishes is a lover letter to story lovers everywhere.

This is a companion novel to The Star-Touched Queen, so you do not need to read The Star-Touched Queen before reading this amazing little standalone, but I would completely recommend it. I mean, more tears of joy and sadness if you do!

A Crown of Wishes stars a character that we were first introduced to in The Star-Touched Queen, Gauri, the jewel of Bharata, now a princess awaiting her death. Her path soon crosses with Vikram, an adopted prince from Ujijain, who is also nicknamed The Fox Prince, who is trying to run away from the memories of his past.

The story truly starts off when Vikram is invited to compete in the Tournament of Wishes, which is held in the otherworldly realm of Alaka, and which the Lord of Treasures hosts. This tournament is said to just be myth, but Vikram soon learns that it is very real, and if you win the tournament you will be granted any wish in the world. Yet, there is a stipulation; he needs a partner.

“Find the one who glows, with blood on the lips and fangs in the heart.”

And the greater powers at work lead him to Gauri. Gauri is so strong and fierce, yet she shows how different women are strong in different ways. And how you don’t always have to draw your power from your ability to fight with a sword or dagger, but to craft a weapon and draw your power for whatever the situation calls for, whether it be beauty, or friends, or taking a risk that you never thought you’d have the strength for. I loved Gauri so much. She was such a wonderful main character, and I want to build a garden in her honor, too.

“I donned my armor, lining my eyes with kohl until they were dark as death and patting crushed rose petals on my lips until they were scarlet as blood.”

While Gauri and Vikram are competing, they meet a plethora of cool side characters along the way, but Aasha is the one we get to spend the most time with. And she also gets her own point of view. Aasha is a bisexual icon, and she was probably my favorite character (which is really saying something, because this cast is honestly 10/10 phenomenal!)

Aasha and her sisters are poisonous courtesans who are forced into a life of seclusion. Aasha is thankful for her sisters who saved her when she was young, and who have become her found family, but Aasha wants to explore, and have adventures, and see more of the world.

This is a story about a magical tournament, with romance and laughter, but this is also a story about trauma and grief and how sometimes being honest about our pasts is the hardest thing we will ever do. I felt so much empathy for these three characters, and I felt that empathy so very differently and so very similarly at the same time. This story is perfectly crafted.

Roshani expertly wove this tale with some of the most beautiful writing my eyes have ever read. This writing is lush, and descriptive, and so very lyrical. I honestly feel like I tabbed every other page, and if I were reading on my kindle, I would have highlighted half the book.

Overall, if you like mythology, flawed characters that you can’t help but root for and then love, wonderful new worlds, important messages, with such beautiful writing, then you can’t let A Crown of Wishes pass you by. I really loved this, and I’m so very thankful that I was able to pick this up. Happy reading!

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February 2018 TBR

This is going to be the month of buddy reads. Like, even saying that sounds like an understatement. I am buddy reading everything except one book! But February is also Black History Month, and the month Valentine’s Day falls in, and apparently the month I read everything with my friends, so I’m going to try to pack a lot into these twenty-eight days. Let’s hope I can do it! 💗 💓 💕 💖 💞 💘

A Crown of Wishes (The Star-Touched Queen #2) by Roshani Chokshi:
Buddy read with the beautiful Sonja! 💗 Me and Sonja read The Star-Touched Queen at the end of 2017, and we both really enjoyed it! We knew that we wouldn’t be able to hold off reading this spin-off! I have such high hopes for this one.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde:
Buddy read with Dani! 💓 Dani is being a saint and helping me get to some of the classics on my TBR, and I cannot wait to finally experience this story with the original text!

Three Dark Crowns (Three Dark Crowns #1) by Kendare Blake:
Buddy read with Kayla! 💘 Me and Kayla are finally buddy reading something, and my heart feels so happy! She is such a sweetheart, and I hope this is an amazing first book for our first buddy read together!

Immortal Reign (Falling Kingdoms #6) by Morgan Rhodes:
Buddy read with Wren! 💖 This is the final installment in the Falling Kingdoms series, and I am beyond nervous. Like, the last book really let me down, but I’m hoping that Morgan Rhodes pushed this book back to make it extra perfect. I mean, how can Magnus’ story end any way other than utter perfection? Lord, hear my prayers.

American Queen (New Camelot Trilogy #1) by Sierra Simone:
This is the February pick for the Book Hangover Book Club that Julie and Chelsea host! 💗 The liveshow discussion will be held on Chelsea’s Booktube channel on February 21st at 9EST! Okay, everyone I know says this is the sexiest book ever and that all the erotic elements are perfection. So, I am more than hyped for this one! And I can’t wait to discuss it with everyone!

A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet, #1) by Madeleine L’Engle:
Valentine’s Day buddy (re)read with the beautiful Wren! 💓 I was in sixth grade the last time I read this story, so it has been a hot second. I honestly don’t know how I will feel about this, but I’m hoping it makes me even more excited for the new movie!

Gemina (The Illuminae Files #2) by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff:
My only non-buddy read! But, I am reading this in preparation to buddy read Obsidio in March! I honestly can’t believe I haven’t read this yet. I really enjoyed Illuminae when I read it, and went out immediately and purchased Gemina, but for one reason or another, I just never got to it. Hopefully, I can get to this in February, but I might swap this one out with an #ownvoices book by a black author. We shall see!

Hate to Want You (Forbidden Hearts #1) by Alisha Rai:
Buddy Read with Taryn! 💘 This is me and Taryn’s first buddy read and I’m so very excited! She gave me so many options to pick from, or narrow down for her, but when I saw this cover I let out an audible gasp! Like, give me all the Asian protagonists in literature, but especially in Romance! Plus, I’ve wanted to read Alisha Rai forever now. This might be the book I’m most excited about!

Inkmistress (Of Fire and Stars) by Audrey Coulthurst:
Buddy read with Jules! 💖 I have an ARC of this, but it releases on March 6th! This book has received even more hype after the disgusting Kirkus review that tried to make a female’s bisexuality lesser because she is in a relationship with a male. It just made me want to read, support, and hopefully love, review, and share, this book even more!

To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo:
Buddy read with Destiny & Jules! 💕 I also have an ARC of this, but it releases on March 6th! A siren that hunts prince’s hearts and then is cursed to become a human until she captures a certain prince’s heart? Sign me the hell up. A goodreads friend of mine said “is the The Little Mermaid of your nightmares” and I am so ready for this.

February is going to a BOOKED month, to say the least! But I feel so blessed and honored for all the friends I have made in this community, I love that the month of love is going to be the month I get to share my love of books with them! Also, these are the things I “have” to read, but I really hope I am able to read a few #ownvoices books by black authors, too. I hope you all had an amazing January, and I wish you all the love, happiness, and good books this February. 💗 💓 💕 💖 💞 💘

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