Paper Princess (The Royals, #1) by Erin Watt (Elle Kennedy & Jen Frederick)

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I was having a rough two days mental health wise, so I just wanted to drop everything on my TBR and read something I didn’t really have to think about, but I knew I’d probably enjoy. I wanted something fast paced, with an addicting story, and maybe some sexy times, and Paper Princess was the perfect pick for me.

By looking at some of my friends’ reviews I feel like I really need to say that this is not a YA book in the slightest! This is NA and has a lot of sexual scenes that should only be read by mature audiences! This has many erotic scenes and for sure should have a sexual content warning.

As for trigger warnings: losing a parent, underage sexual content (17), physical abuse, sexual assault, attempted rape, underage drinking, drug use, addiction, a lot of slut shaming, and a lot of toxic male masculinity. So please use caution before going into this book.

And there are a lot of weird gender role expectations in this book, too. Like, the main female protagonist has to cook spaghetti because they boys can’t figure it out. And then, later, she can’t figure out the football teams, but she brings up the lion on the helmet. There are more of these instances sprinkled throughout the book, and I wasn’t offended, it just feels… not so great reading.

Also, because I know most of you follow me for my fantasy reviews, I always feel it necessary to state that I rate erotic books differently than other books! I know many of the relationships are toxic and problematic and I completely understand that they wouldn’t be the healthiest and/or most ideal of starts for people in real life, but I love steamy reads and I rate them purely off my enjoyment, and I truly did enjoy Paper Princess.

Paper Princess is cowritten by Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick under the pseudonym Erin Watt. And Elle Kennedy has written one of my favorite NA series of all time, the Off-Campus series, so I knew I had to eventually try out this series, too. And I’m so happy that I finally did.

And Paper Princess stars a young girl named Ella, who has only known a life of jumping from new city to new city where her and her mom can barely make ends meet. But after her mother’s death, Ella is trying to survive on her own. And all she wants to do is get a high school diploma, so she can go to college and eventually give herself a stable life.

Then, a man appears out of nowhere, claiming to be her mystery father’s best friend and business partner. He promises to give Ella a better life, because her father, too, has tragically just passed away.

Ella is then thrown into the Royal family, where the man that is trying to help her also has five sons himself. And let’s just say that they are not the most open to the idea of their father taking in a random girl. And they all basically just think the absolute worst of Ella, right off the bat.

“You may have lost your family, but you’re not alone anymore, Ella. You’re a Royal now.”

Ella is quickly thrown into the world of prep schools and old money, while she is dealing with the grief of losing her mother, and the hope of starting a better life.

I’m not going to say this book is perfect, it’s far from it, but I read this in one sitting because I truly just couldn’t put it down. The romance is amazing, the angst is out of this world, and I’m just a sucker for a good hate to love relationship and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Also, I need to start Broken Prince immediately, because Paper Princess ends on maybe the worst cliffhanger I’ve ever read in my entire life.

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