Favorite Non-Book Things | 2022

hi hi, friends! i hope you’re doing well! i normally like to do this post on the last day of the year, but i was having a very busy (but happy) end of 2022! but i still hope you enjoy all the new-ish things i enjoyed last year! and please let me know if you have some new loves for anything in 2022, because i am always looking to add new forever faves to my upcoming year! and also… i just will always love hearing what my friends love, muhahaha! 💗

➽ 01.) Dimension 20

if youre a long time friend of mine, you will know that i am in love with critical role and its a highlight to 3 or out 4 of my weeks, each month! but this summer. some of the players of d20 played, while brennan lee mulligan dmed, a one shot (it was a four episode prequel but hehe) and i fell in love with them all. and then brennan very unexpectedly ended up doing the dear hank and john podcast with hank and i fell even more in love with him! so then i just fell down the rabbit hole and watched SO many different campaigns! if you like critical role and/or dnd, i really recommend. their current, and ongoing, campaign is actually a horror fairytale mash up called Neverafter and I am already completely invested.

➽ 02.) Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray

all setting sprays are not created equally, and i learned that in 2022 when i first purchased the charlotte tilbury setting spray, hahaha! truly, i am obsessed with the flawless filter foundation too, just like the rest of tiktok. i did end up getting my hands on (hopefully) my shade of the elf dupe because my target finally had it in! but i haven’t tried it yet! but this setting spray doesn’t have a dupe, and it is worth every penny!!

➽ 03.) Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

listen, if i could take a bath in all of the cosrx snail mucin products, i would! i love their sheet masks, eye masks, moisturizer, everything. But the essence is the holy grail of glass skin, in my opinion. i still love the watermelon dew drops, and they will always have a hold on me for makeup prep, but if you just want your skin to look healthy and glowy without anything on? you have to try this essence. and the hydration? unmatched. i cant picture my skincare without this product ever again.

➽ 04.) DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

okay, i know i am very dramatic with this one – but this christmas gift changed my life! i got this from santa in 2021 – for all the group orders i was planning to do in 2022 – and i truly cant even begin to think about what that would have been like without this thermal printer. the time, the effort, the google doc syncing capability… i am in love, friends. it’s niche, but if you print a lot of labels – invest in this, i promise it is so worth it.

➽ 05.) nike panda dunks

i know this is probably one of the most basic things i could put on here, but i did not expect all the compliments i would get while wearing these shoes throughout this year. i know they are very much a favorite, and they are kinda hard to get because you have to wait for a nike drop – which they always sell out within seconds! but i was lucky enough to get these on the very first drop that i tried for them, and they have been nothing but confidence boosters since! also… yoongi from bts wear these so… need i say more?

➽ 06.) MAKEUP BY MARIO MoistureGlow Plumping Lip Serum

mario really is (and has been) releasing some of the best make up products. (i really want to try his foundation so badly! maybe a 2023 fave, we will see!) but this lip product was my go-to lip product (alongside the next one), The shade blush glow is my favorite but they are all 11/10 and feel so nice on.

➽ 07.) Kosas Wet Lip Oil Plumping Treatment Gloss

my other holy grail lip product and the very best lip gloss ever created. i have only ever used jelly fish – but i think i am on my 3rd one of the year! also i just love and prefer glossy lips – i am sorry, haha! but having to leave the house in 2023, these are the two products that were under my mask constantly. i love and recommend them both (and the feel of them) so very much. so hydrating, so plumping, and never ever sticky feeling.

➽ 08.) josshere

this was, hands down, my favorite art and stationary shop this year (besides happyolivestudio)! i was blessed enough to write out SO many cards this year for all those group orders, and i always tried to use memo pads and washi tape and other cute supplies from joss! if youre a carat and looking for cute supplies, look no further! especially if youre hoshi biased!

➽ 09.) going to concerts again

i was so very lucky to be able to see my three favorite groups this year. i got to see bts in my very own city THREE times and it was so surreal and truly the 2nd happiest thing to happen to me all 2022 (seeing my family in august was the 1st hehe, but jimin makes it hard… ahhaha no no)! i was then able to see txt on their very first world tour, which meant everything to me! and then i was able to see seventeen with a barricade ticket – which was still a whole out of body experience. (i have lots of really cool fancams and concert footage if you wanna see!) but i am so thankful, so blessed, and truly i dont even have words. but being able to see bts, in vegas, 3 times, before a lot of… feelings @ the end of 2022… i am just so grateful and it is something i will cherish until my very last breath.

➽ 10.) jtotheimin

to be honest, i had jtotheimin on my last year non bookish favorites list too, but as i am writing this post i just hit 10k subscribers and it just felt really right to keep this big part of my heart on this list. i am so grateful and thankful for the kpop community and i hope in 2023 i am able to balance both creative outlets a little better, or a little more… balanced. but so so so thankful, and even more thankful for all the friends i have made.

i hope you enjoyed this + i really am excited to discover so many more things to love in this new year – bookish, and kpopish, and so much more! i love you all a lot + i hope your new years are starting out warm and happy and filled with some new things to love. 💗

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➽ fave non-bookish things: 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021

Favorite Non-Book Things | 2020

I always try to make one end of the year wrap up post about things that brought me a lot of new joy that year! This year, I did seem to find a lot of love and comfort in already established happiness, but I still thought it would be fun to make a list of just a few things that helped make 2020 a little brighter (even if #10 is truly the most cursed timeline and I have no idea so I got here but…)! 💗

➽ 01.) Dr. Jart+ Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Cream

Dr. Jart+ - Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Cream 1.69 oz/ 50 mL

2020 was truly a year of me trying to find a good night time moisturizer after Drunk Elephant Lala Retro reformulated. (I still love CLINIQUE Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator and/or Tatcha The Water Cream for in the mornings!) But basically, I truly would buy a new moisturizer every two months in hopes of finding a new love, and then I finally found (my number two non-bookish 2020 happiness on this list, which lead to me finding…) Dr. Jart+ Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Cream and fell so in love! But also, honorable mention to PURITO DEEP SEA PURE WATER CREAM, which my family gifted to me for Christmas, and I very much am loving it and it has a much better price tag! And I imagine the PURITO Centella Green Level Recovery Cream is similar to the Dr. Jart one, and might be better for the colder seasons!

➽ 02.) Beauty Within

BeautyWithin | sundays

Truly, my new favorite youtube channel of 2020 is easily, hands down, Beauty Within! Felicia & Rowena are two Asian women with two very different skin types, and they use, review, and give the best recommendations for all price ranges! They have helped me so much with my skincare journey and they are truly just the sweetest in general, on top of being the most helpful and inclusive that I’ve ever found! Rowena has also very much helped me in 2020 to stay organized, to be more productive, and even help sparked my love for Notion!

➽ 03.) Notion

How I'm Using Notion to Track my Life in 2020

This summer, May posted some of their Notion pages on twitter and I was instantly intrigued! I love any and all kinds of different mediums for organization, and I quickly fell completely down the rabbit hole with the rest of the book community! I won’t lie, I have fell off a little bit in December keeping up with things, but I blame that on setting up a lot of my 2021 physical organization methods! Hopefully lots of new 2021 pages soon!

➽ 04.) My Cat

The light of my days, always. She deserves her own spot on this list for her cuddles alone!

➽ 05.) Writing Letters

There are many, many reasons for this, but writing letters has been something that I have really adored doing all 2020. To my family, to my friends, to different trades in the kpop community, I just really love writing letters! And I forever want to let me loved ones know I love them in every medium. Also, save the USPS!

➽ 06.) Going Outside

I will never take just being outside for granted again, ever. I feel like I am still very bad at reminding myself to go outside, which doesn’t make sense because I always feel 100 times better on the days that I do. But a lot of times, when I am finally free to go outside, it is too dark. But that special time, right before it gets dark, and I can just breath in all the crisp air right now, while looking at the mountains, and hearing the river (with no boats on it, please god, I am begging), it feels rather magical and extra healing, and a lot of those afternoons have been my favorite of all 2020.

➽ 07.) World of Warcraft

It is so wild, because 2020 is the year I should have the most free time (from not being able to commute alone), but it is the year I played less videogames and I read less books than any other. It is very strange to think about, but I think most people were just kind of focused on surviving and learning how to live in this very different world, and valid. But I still plated a lot of vanilla wow, and my guild is still going hard in Naxx. I also play a little retail wow with the new expansion, Shadowlands, but I still don’t love it as much as classic wow.

➽ 08.) Jocie B ASMR

Jocie B ASMR - YouTube

Would this be a meltotheany favorites list without incorporating at least one ASMR artist? So, I started watching Jocie in 2019, but I fell extra hard in love with her in 2020, and her ASMR really got me through some shit™! She has such a range of ASMR styles, and is never afraid to try new things. I also think she is very inclusive with the items she uses, and I think she is just amazing. Also, she does do fairy ASMR, and it really works for her and I love it so much!

➽ 09.) jtotheimin

I couldn’t really think of how to include this, because I am still a little scared to talk about my other channel to the book community, but the last half of 2020 had a lot of happiness brought into my life because of my BTS (and a few other kpop group) youtube channel, jtotheimin. Not to get too real, but it does feels strange to be in a different online space away from books, but I feel proud that I grew something without a Goodreads following and without feeling like I will never live up to the faith people have in me. (Or… just feeling like I’m letting people down by not being able to control my anxiety better and film a new booktube video.) A lot of bookish spaces in 2020 felt really unsafe to me, and I didn’t know what to do, or if I was just going to give up everything, but learning to have confidence in myself again, and getting to talk about being seen in a different way, was really healing to me, and I am so very thankful for this channel.

➽ 10.) Survivor


Listen, I really don’t know how I truly got here, but I have currently watched almost ten seasons of this damn show and I can only blame only leaving my house once in almost a year. Basically, two seasons dropped on Netflix and one of those seasons was set in the Philippines, in the north province of Luzon (Cagayan), and I was like “why not?” but it truly awoken something in me. Well, after I unexpected cried my eyes out because Cliff Robinson was on that first season I watched, and it truly was the heartbreak I didn’t see coming. But the TL;DR is that I am not emotionally, unstable, invested in Survivor, and I am currently using my parents Hulu membership to continue on with using my precious reading time to watch this show and get upset when they vote the wrong people out.

The way I am truly giggling after writing that last one. 2020 truly just threw all the curveballs, aye? But I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe something on this list will interest you and make your 2021 a little more fun. Tell me something non-bookish that made you happy last year! And I’m sending you all so much love and light always. Happy reading (and watching questionable shows)! 💗

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Melanie’s Holiday Gift Guide | AKA: Ten Things I’ve Loved in 2018 that weren’t Books!

Hey, friends! Okay, this post isn’t going to be about books at all! Wait, wait, please don’t leave! You all might like this if you’re looking for last minute holidays gifts, or even if you’d like to treat yourself before the new year starts! I mean, these are all items that this book lover loves! So, today I’m going to talk about ten things that I have fallen in love with during 2018, that I completely recommend with my whole heart! ❤🎁

YnM Weighted Blanket – 60”x80” 17lbs

I get really bad anxiety before bed at least a few nights a week, but this weighted blanket has helped me fight against it and prevent it so very much. This blanket is easily the best item I’ve purchased in 2018, and it really has changed my life so significantly and so much for the better. And I know that it is on the pricey side, but it is honestly the best money I’ve spent all year.


 Speaking of anxiety (yikes, I swear I didn’t mean for this post to be this REAL), another thing that really helps me come down from an attack or to even prevent one, is to watch and listen to ASMR. This is something that I found really helpful in 2017, but in 2018 I have really found some of my go-to favorites. And Tena actually is my favorite of all-time. I feel so blessed to have found her channel this year! If you have a personal attention trigger, you will absolutely adore her content.

Yogi Tea Kombucha Green Tea

I drink a lot of coffee. I mean, I drink a lot tea too, but I drink too much coffee! So, this year I’ve been trying to wake up with this Kombucha tea! I am not the best at ignoring my coffee for it, but I love the taste of it and I drink a cup at least once a day! And this has for sure been my favorite tea of 2018!

Aerie’s Bralettes

I have a bigger chest, and I always thought that cute bralettes just weren’t possible for me. Then in 2018, I went into Aerie and the sweetest worker changed my life. (Also, since this is like out of a book, she gave me her number so now I check to see if she’s working each time before I go to the mall and it is honestly the cutest start of a friendship, ever!) But yeah, these are so comfortable and sexy and I am so happy to own so many of these now, especially because they are so affordable! Also, Aerie is a great company that I love supporting!

IBD Nail Lacquer, R U Surreal?

Hello, I will forever be an emo kid. AKA: I pretty much only wear black nail polish! But this year, Vilma Iris introduced me to my favorite grey shade ever! And I actually wear it quite a lot!

SMAGREHO Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Oh gosh, I guess we aren’t done with the things that help my anxiety! But there are very few things I loved more in 2018 than reading in my bed, under my weighted blanket, using this as the light source. It’s just so cozy, and has brought me so much peace, that I couldn’t forget to put it on this list!

➽ Drunk Elephant Day (Protini Polypeptide) & Night (Lala Retro Whipped) Creams

I feel like 2018 has really been the year of my skin care journey. I’ve always been very blessed with having a nice complexion, but I desperately want to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy! I’ve bought probably way too many products this year, but these two are my favorite of them all and I recommend them with my whole heart and soul. They are $60 each, both worth every single penny.

Ambient Lighting Bronzer by Hourglass

This is the best contouring product I’ve ever used in my life. I actually received this as a gift last year for Christmas, and I haven’t even made a dent in the pan. There is so much product and it feels like buttery velvet going on. It is so light to wear, but so easy to apply! I never even want to try another bronzing product, because this is a masterpiece.

NYX’s Epic Ink Liner

So, I always used Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner, but she keeps proving that’s she’s an asshole, so I didn’t want to support her anymore in 2018! Therefore, I went to Target and came back with this and my life was changed forever. And it is better than Kat’s in every single way; long lasting, darker black, easier to apply, everything. Plus, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper, too.

Lexington 3-Tier Rolling Cart By Recollections

I mean, I had to throw in something that was kind of bookish, right? Hehe! Okay, this is the craze on bookstagram! I actually found out about this from my dear friend, Amy, and I couldn’t resist buying one! I use the three tiers as a system for books I need to haul, ARCs I need to read, and back-list titles I’d like to read soon! And honestly? It has made my blogging and bookstagramming life so much easier!

Align Pant Full Length 28″ by Lululemon

Okay, I guess you all are getting a bonus eleventh item because it is the night before this goes live and I just thought of something that really impacted my life in 2018! So, earlier this year I bought these leggings because Sam from Thoughts on Tomes raved about them, so I figured I’d give them a try, even though they are on the pricey side! But friends, these are the best gym leggings I’ve ever put on my body, but also the best everyday leggings I’ve ever put on my body.

Okay, friends! I hope you enjoyed this! I always love seeing people’s favorite non-bookish things, too! But I completely understand that you all are friends with me because of my bookish content! But I hope you’re having happy reading and happy holidays! And let me know an item that has changed your life in 2018! 🎁❤

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