first quarter reading overview + statistics | 2023

oh hello, friends! today i will be going over my reading for the first three months of 2023! some favorites, some graphs, and just a lot of happiness that i am finding so much time (and happiness) to read again! i hope you enjoyed my wrap ups for january, february, and march! please look at those if you want to see everything i have read this first quarter and my thoughts on each book with some trigger and content warnings, too! okay okay, let’s get into everything! 🀍

here is a quick glance at the thirty things i’ve read this winter season!
(and some goodreads quick stats too!)

here is everyone’s (including my own) favorite part – all the statistics and graphs of my reading so far in 2023! (thank you, always, to Brock at Let’s Read, for creating this spreadsheet that i have used and loved for so many years now!)

i think this mostly looks pretty standard for me and my reading – i am reading mostly adult fantasy, i am reading a lot of arcs which i have the immense privilege of a lot of my reading being free! reading so much fantasy makes me pick up and continue and finish a lot of series. i read mostly macmillan titles, because tor is my favorite publishing house (and who i love working with the most)! i could do a lot better at purchasing and reading things from amazon.

the thing that really stands out to me, that maybe wouldn’t to you all, is that i have not read a single paperback this entire year! like, how is that real? but it is! i do prefer hardcovers, and i read so many ebooks, but normally i read more physical arcs – which helps me mark books as reading paperbacks! but that is just not how these last few months have played out, and it makes me giggle seeing that.

a thing that surprises me, that you might notice, is that i am reading more horror and mystery books! i am not sure why, but even in the moment of my typing on my laptop – i am craving it. maybe i will come back to this in june and see if this craving continues. also, the way i am constantly craving to read dracula for no reason. classics and horror? who am i?

my favorite three reads of winter 2023

✨ tree of the emerald sea
a beautiful whimsy questing adventure filled, with love and some new favorite pirates told by an old favorite character

✨ honey & spice
fake dating but done better than any other romance, but also with an emphasis on friendships both new and old

✨ the moth keeper
a healing graphic novel about burn out and needing rest, but also about community and finding unconditional love in friendship

for nonbookish things, this quarter has been happy for me as well! even though i started the first week of this year off with a cold and i am currently writing up this quarterly wrap up with a cold hahaha! ahhh, i can’t believe! but in march, my favorite artist, jimin of bts, released his first solo debut album and it was everything and brought me more joy that i have words for! i am so proud of him and everything he is achieving. i was also able to get really good tickets to see yoongi of bts – which i will be going to la in may for! so so so excited! but truly i had a really gentle entering into 2023 – and i am very thankful – but extra thankful because i think it helped me read a lot more and learn how to make time for reading all over again! i hope a busy spring and summer allows me to keep it up! but we shall see!

i don’t really wanna put any kind of reading goals or expectations on myself, but i would like to make a little more time for bullet journaling and i would like to push myself a little bit to be more active on bookstagram again, or at least post a few times a month again! (along with reading a lot more, i have also been buying some books as well! i’m like… melanie, please take a picture or two, you have no excuse, i am begging!) speaking of buying books… i also got off the illumicrate waitlist in march… so that’s exciting for this next quarter! πŸ’›

my spotify wrap ups for the last three months
(why they changed march to blue – i have no idea haha)

okay, i think i have written enough! i didn’t mean to be so talkative, but i just love blog posts like this and talking about reading patterns and statics and favorites for the season so so much! and i miss you guys so much too! i hope you’re having happy reading, getting good rest, prioritizing all your health, and that you’re having more good days than not so good days. 🀍

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