Steam Summer Sale 2018 Recommendations


Hello, my loves! So when I did my “Top Ten Video Games of All-Time” post earlier this year, you all seemed to really enjoy! So, I couldn’t resist recommending you some more of my favorite games while they are on sale for the Steam Summer Sale! Also, this sale ends Thursday, July 5th at 10AM Pacific Time! 🚀

Every year, Steam has two huge sales where you can get games so dang cheap! This is especially helpful to PC gamers, like myself. All ten of these games I own and love (and have spent way more money purchasing them than what this sale is selling them for)! 💻


Also, please feel free to add me on Steam! I’ll be honest, Dota makes me get so many random friend requests, so I have a big list of pending people. So, just make sure you let me know in the comments what your user name is! Okay, on to the games! And click on each title to see some gameplay of every game, and to learn a little bit more about them before buying! 👾


➽ Stardew Valley – 20% off: $11.99
I play this every Thursday night with my best friend, and it hasn’t gotten old… ever. This is a such a masterpiece of a game, and I think there is something to love for everyone, honestly.


➽ Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – 60% off: $23.99
Also, a ton of Civ DLC is on sale, too! Civ is a franchise that me and my friends have spent so much time playing. I will always have a soft spot for it, and I will always buy whatever they keep coming out with.


➽ The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition – 60% off: $19.99
Not only is this an amazing game that I love with my whole heart, this bundle includes the Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine expansions AND any other addition content that’s been released: side quests, weapons, armor, Gwent cards, and more!


➽ Super Meat Boy – 90% off: $1.49
Forever and always one of my favorite platformers of all time. And it holds up so damn well. Completely recommend! And, like, its honestly a dollar.


➽ Banished – 60% off: $6.79
This is the best city builder I’ve ever played in my entire life. If I could recommend one under-hyped game of all time, it would always be Banished. Masterpiece.


➽ Transistor – 75% off: $4.99
But if I could only recommend one game from this sale? It would always be Transistor. My favorite Steam game of all time, and I wish I could put it in the hands of all of my friends. Also, the soundtrack is genius and perfection and worth every penny, too! And have you seen my Steam profile? I obviously love this game an unhealthy amount.


➽ Tropico 4 – 80% off: $2.99
Yes, you read that right, FOUR! I have played five, too, but four will always be the one that stole my heart. I love this game so much, that my brother jokingly calls me El Presidente whenever someone brings the franchise up!


➽ HunieCam Studio – 75% off: $1.74
First off, you all know I like sexy things. Second off, this resource management game is honest to God so fun! Look at my Steam profile above. That diamond penis? From this game. Best badge ever!


➽ Child of Light – 66% off: $5.09
This game is one of the most beautiful works of art that I’ve ever experienced. The story is so perfect, the dialogue makes me feel every emotion, and the game is so very fun.


➽ DARK SOULS III – 75% off: $14.99
The entire franchise and tons of bundles are on sale, but this series of games is a tier above so many games out there. Honest to God, this is a masterpiece. There is a reason why this wins so many awards, and that’s because it’s so very deserving.

Okay, loves! I hope this post helps you find a new game or two! Again, I love all of these games, companies, and franchises, with my whole heart! I’ve tried to be good this year and not spend too much money! But the games I’m planning to purchase during this sale are: Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, Lethis – Path of Progress, Hollow Knight, Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, and Town of Salem – The Coven! But please, recommend me more before the sale ends! Happy gaming and happy reading, always! 👾📚

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Top Ten Tuesday | My Favorite Video Games of All Time

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018!

So, the Top Ten Tuesday this week is a freebie that you could do anything you want with! Obviously, I made this blog because of my passion for literature and reading, but the other half of my heart will always belong to video games. And if you’ve ever wondered why my blog name is Mel to the Any, it is completely, 100%, without question, because it’s been my online ID for so long because of video games! But I figured it would be cool to tell you guys my top ten favorite video games, all of which have really shaped the person I am today! And I ranked them from my least favorite favorite to my most favorite favorite! I hope you guys enjoy!

(Also, enjoy this picture of baby Melanie realizing that few things in the world made her happier than the tanooki suit in Super Mario Bros. 3!)

Also, if you guys would like to add me on any gaming platform, here they are:
Steam: Meltotheany /
Battle.Net: Meltotheany#1897
Origin: Meltotheany
League: Meltotheany
Discord: Meltotheany / meltotheany#9380

And let’s be real, I’ve been playing video games my whole life, I had to add five honorable mentions as well, just super quick:

Pokémon – Pokémon Yellow to be specific, because Pikachu would follow you around.
Dark Souls – Because it’s my brother’s favorite game, and few things in life bring me more joy than theorycrafting with him and ruining his playthroughs trying to be as good as him.
Age of Empires II – The number of hours I have clocked in from playing this classic game with my friends is a little ridiculous, but each night has brought me so much joy.
Hearthstone – I feel like I had to include this, just because I play at least one game of Hearthstone every night before I go to bed. (Also, I’m a Blizzard fangirl in general!)
The Sims Franchise – I’ve played this entire franchise on and off for so damn long, that I couldn’t compile a list without mentioning these games!

➽ 10.) RuneScape

Lord, help me. I didn’t want to put this on my list for you to all see my shame. But it had to come into the tenth place spot, because this is the game that got me obsessed with MMOS! If it wasn’t for this game, I would have never picked up WoW when it came out. And me and my brother were legit so damn obsessed with RuneScape when we were little. It’s funny too, because from time to time we will reinstall it, and try to play the “new” version, and we always have a good laugh.

➽ 9.) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I have only played W3, but I loved it more than I have words to express! I’m so forever thankful for my friend Jake and for him buying me not only this game, but both DLC when they became available too! These games are actually based on a Polish book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, which has gotten pretty popular as of lately! I’ve only reviewed the first set of short stories, but they are glorious perfection. Also, team Yennefer forever, okay, thanks, bye!

➽ 8.) Child of Light

I’m weeping just thinking about how perfect this game is. The one liners in this? Perfection. And every time I start this game, I enter into a water colored heaven that I never want to leave. And seeing this main character grow? With her adorable companion? Lord, who keeps cutting these damn onions? Seriously, please pick this one up.

➽ 7.) Civ Franchise

The highlight of my week, every week, is spending Thursday night with my dear friend, Cory, playing Civ, and watching Critical Role. Right now, we are playing Civilization VI, but we have clocked in a lot of time with the older games too. And my heart is always so full playing with someone I care so much about, each and every week! (Until multiplayer SDV comes out… eventually, muahahaha!)

➽ 6.) Banished

Okay, I’m here to tell you right now that this is the game everyone sleeps on! I have played, and loved, many city builders in my life, but all of them fail in comparison to Banished. It is hard, but it is rewarding, and I love it more than words. Also, this entire thing was created by one dude, and it’s truly a work of art. I will play this game forever and ever.

➽ 5.) Spyro the Dragon

My Playstation didn’t see any other game except for this one for… a long time. I just remember getting this for Christmas back in the day, and me and my brother playing it the entire winter break, nonstop. Like, we’d take turns to eat and stuff. We were ridiculous. From collecting all the gems, to kicking all the sheep, to that final boss battle. All the nostalgia, all the feels, and Spyro will always be one of my favorite protagonists of all time. Let’s hope a remake doesn’t try to ruin it.

➽ 4.) Halo Franchise

Okay, so I have a soft spot for Halo 2, always and forever, but nothing emotionally impacted me more than those first commercials coming out for the xbox and Halo. Like, I was shook. Actually, to this day, I still think the Halo commercials are 10/10. The story is one I’m so invested in still. The memories from every midnight release. The memories from every LAN. The memories of MLG. Even the memories of my hands being so sore from hamburger controllers. This will forever always be a series that I will love for the rest of my life. It means so much to me. I actually hope to one day get a Master Chief tattoo on my thigh. Also, best quote from any video game ever? “Wake me… when you need me.”

➽ 3.) Transistor

Never have I ever played a game so beautiful visually, musically, and story wise. And the amount of money I have given Super Giant Games for merch is something I never want to think about. The story in this rivals the very best books that we all read and review, and if you guys are looking for a game you’ll never forget, please pick up Transistor. Also, if you’ve ever wondered about my twitter background of that image I use all the time? It’s from Transistor. The Art makes me week. Also, Bastion should probably be on this list too, but I honestly couldn’t fit it in. And both of these games will be so cheap for the Steam Summer Sale coming up. Please, please, please, I’m begging out, give Transistor a try, or at least the soundtrack.

➽ 2.) World of Warcraft

I’ll be honest when I say that I don’t know where I would be today without World of Warcraft. It has quite literally shaped my life and what it is today, and I will forever be thankful for this game. I have played it off and on for over a decade now, and it is easily the game I’ve clocked the most hours in. I mained a warlock (meltotheany) in vanilla and through most of BC, but I switched over to shammy (xviv) in sunwell, when my guild needed it. But they were awesome and let me full gear both of them. I feel like I have played my shaman way more, but my heart always has belong to my warlock, but I’d probably going into BFA maining my shaman once again, let’s be real.

➽ 1.) League of Legends

League of Legends is the biggest game in my life right now. I am completely obsessed with LoL esports, and I don’t miss NA or LCK games. My favorite weekends are LCS weekends, and not only is it my favorite game to play, it’s my favorite sport to watch. I am a mid Morgana main, but Ahri is my second favorite. I also have a soft spot for Annie, because she was the first champion I ever played. Also, what a missed opportunity… Mel to the Annie… Ahhh, I should have been an Annie main! I love playing Lux and having my brother play Garen, because I’m ridiculous. And I love Zyra too, even though I dislike her rework, because she’s difficult to succeeded mid lane with now.

Okay! I hope you all enjoyed! I also hope I didn’t gush too hard! I know this isn’t book related (even though I’ve read so many books and lore behind most of these games), but I hope you liked maybe learning a little bit more about me and my passions! Also, if you’re interested in playing any of these multiplayer games with me, let me know! Happy gaming, lovelies! 👾

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